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Concours winning Mercedes 540K on sale at RM Arizona

The 540K Sport Cabriolet that took the honours at the second Arizona concours competition on Sunday 7 January will be on offer at RM’s 15 January sale. The catalogue estimate for the fully restored Mercedes is $3.4-$4 million, but winning Best of Show could boost its value.

Concours officials have a policy not to accept cars that are bound for any of the Arizona auctions. They stated that they believed the decision to sell the car was made after it was accepted for the concours competition.

Although listed as a 540K Sport Cabriolet A, the car is one of only 10 built on the roadster chassis with the radiator behind the front axle.

Other highlights of the RM two-day sale include a 1964 Ferrari 250 LM that was first owned by Swiss racing team Scuderia Filipinetti. Its first outing was the Sierre-Montana Crans Hill Climb on August 30, 1964 with team driver Ludovico Scarfiotti, who’d won the Le Mans 24-hours the previous year. The pair finished first. It was a similar story of success on its second outing at Monza with Ferrari’s Nino Vaccarella.

A lengthy race history ensued with various owners, along with a brief stint wearing a Porsche 906 Carrera 6 body. It was bought by 10CC band member Eric Stewart in the 1970s, and it was he who brought it back to its original configuration.  

The estimated selling price of this extraordinary car is the highest of the RM Arizona 2015 lots, at $9.5 to $12.5 million. It goes on sale on Friday 16 January.

Another car with a musical connection in the 15 January sale is Mrs Roy Orbison’s Porsche 911 Speedster. The 1989 car shows only 18,000 miles and was bought new by Barbara Orbison. Its estimated price is $180,000-$240,000.

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By Claire Evans

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