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Three unusual coupes and a 4x4 on offer at Gooding’s Scottsdale sale

Gooding is offering a great variety of models at its 16-17 January Scottsdale Auction, including three very unusual coupes: a Ferrari Superamerica Coupe Aerodinamicos, an Allemano Coupe Maserati A6G, an outlandishly styled Lamborghini Jarama 400GT. Or if you prefer a 4x4, there’s also a whopping LM002 off-roader.

Featuring an enlarged version of the Colombo V12 engine, topped off with three substantial Weber carburettors, the Ferrari 400 Superamerica is capable of flying past 60mph in a little over five seconds.

The model on offer also possesses many desirable details, such as covered headlights, a chrome trimmed hood scoop, polished belt moulding and rear spats. Since being restored in 2007 it has been displayed at leading international concours d’elegance events. Its estimated sale price is $4-$5 million.

Another gorgeous looking coupe on offer is a 1956 Maserati A6G/2000. As well as race-proven braking, steering and suspension, the A6G is fitted with an all-aluminium twin-cam six-cylinder engine originally developed for competition. Of three bodies made for the model, the Allemano 2+2 coupe was the most elegant.

The 1956 A6G on offer has been stored for 30 years, but would make a great restoration project. Its estimate is $750,000-$950,000.

Exotic is rather an understatement if you’re talking about the styling of the Jarama 400 GT. The last of the Lamborghini front engined GT models, the Jarama has massive swathes of glass front and rear, distinctly angled bodywork and headlights that can be hidden under metal flaps. Showing less than 29,000 miles, the car on offer appears to have led a sheltered life. It’s expected to sell for $170,000-$200,000.

If that Lamborghini isn’t outlandish enough, there’s also a LM002 luxury all-terrain vehicle. Fitted with the same engine as the Countach, the LM002 has a blistering turn of speed, as well as the ability to take sand dunes and all manner of off-road terrain in its stride.  

The dash of the vehicle on offer has been signed by renowned Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni. Its sale estimate is $225,000-$275,000.  

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By Claire Evans

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