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Something different: Pete Waterman's £1 million model locomotive collection up for sale

More than a third of the locomotive models at the Dreweatts and Bloomsbury Transport Sale on 16 April will be from the Pete Waterman collection, including scratch built gauge 1 and larger engines made for Waterman by expert craftsmen Geoff Holt and Geroge MacKinnon-Ure over the past 20 years.

Many of the models took up to four years to complete, and involved researching and obtaining drawings of an engine, building patterns of it and then hand building the locomotive.

Pete Waterman said: ‘I never ever thought about cost when commissioning these models – it was all about true quality, which ultimately is the only thing that matters. No expense was spared in achieving the very best outcomes – I see these models as being akin to works of great art.’

The 56 locomotives represent just a small part of Waterman’s train collection. He also owns  a large number of full-size locomotives and is building a 7mm (O gauge) layout of Leamington Spa station and the surrounding track.

But trains aren’t Waterman’s only passion, he’s also been an avid longterm car enthusiast, reputedly once buying 18 Ferraris, and some of these have pop up at auctions. Here are three ex-Waterman Italian supercars we’ve spotted in our database.  

A 1967 Ferrari 330GTC Berlinetta, owned by Waterman from 1987 to 1994, was sold for £387,900 by Bonhams on 14 September 2013.

A 1978 Ferrari 308GTB, owned by Waterman for eight yaers, was sold for £20,125 by Coys on 30 November 2006. It was subsequently sold by classic car dealer Foskers in 2014 for £75,000.

And his 1986 Ferrari Testarossa was sold for £25,531 by Cheffins on 4 December 2004.

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By Claire Evans

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