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Something different: Is it ever too soon to get into cars?

This baby buggy has been given a veteran car feel with headlights and a well-padded leather seat. It’s going on sale at RM’s Hershey, USA, sale on 9-10 October.

The first baby prams, or perambulators, were developed in 1733 in the UK by William Kent. The trend later caught on in America, and the first carriage was sold by there by Benjamin Potter Crandall in the 1830s.

By 1840 wicker carriages seem to have been all the rage – Queen Victoria is believed to have bought three Hitchings prams for the Royal children and a pram of the same brand was reputedly used in an episode of the Downton Abbey TV series.

After the first cars went on sale, these ‘coachbuilt’ baby carriages also became known as car, so it’s no surprise that some were given some extra touches to add an automotive feel.

The maker of the RM auction pram is not known, but it is expected to sell for between $5000 and $10,000. 

By Claire Evans

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