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Sale of McLaren F1 LM

What do the ClassicCarPrice Condition Ratings mean?
Unknown - prior to the sale we list all cars as of unknown condition; post-sale cars will be rated as unknown if we were not at the sale and insufficient photographs and information were provided by the auction house for us to rate a car's condition.

1 = either an outstanding original car, or a top-quality, recent restoration.

1-2 = in very good condition but with one or two less perfect areas; these are extremely presentable cars that have room for improvement.
2 = sound cars that run, but are in need of some attention to bring them up to top condition.

2-3 = cars that run, but need considerable cosmetic and/or mechanical work.

3 = these range from restoration projects to complete cars that need a considerable amount of work; they're unlikely to have an MOT.
Year 1998
Marque McLaren
Model F1
Version LM
Condition 1-2
Auction House RM Sotheby's
Auction Date 13/08/2015
Status Sold
Premium 10%
Hammer Price £7,959,250
Total Price £8,755,170
Notes second-to-last road-spec F1 built, European spec, stored by McLaren for first owner, signed by Gordon Murray, one of two upgraded by McLaren with 680hp LM-spec engine, options inc Extra High Downforce Package, larger radiators, sports exhaust, 18in alloys and xenon headlights, interior upgraded to GT spec, 14in steering wheel and LM instruments and handbrake, two owners and just under 6,000kms on LM engine, $80k work done 2013, chassis no SA9AB5AC4W1048073

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