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If you've got a question about accessing ClassicCarPrice.com or your ClassicCarPrice.com online account, check this section for the answer.

How do I log in?
1. Click ‘Log In' in the upper-right corner of the screen.
2. On the Log In screen that appears type in your username. This will either be your email address or a name you chose when you signed up. 
3. Next, type in your password. See answers below if you’re having problems with your password.
4. Once done, press the yellow Log In button.
5. You’re now successfully logged in. You can now access your membership benefits and exclusive online content.

Having problems with your username? 
Your username is either your email address, or another name you chose when you signed up. The username is not case sensitive. A common mistake is using the letter O instead of the number 0 and vice versa.

Having problems with your password? 
Your password has between 6 and 20 characters. You may use lower or upper case letters from a to z, numbers from 0 to 9 and the following characters !"£$%^&*()_+=-. Your password is case sensitive, so please check your caps lock.

Forgotten your password? 
Simply click the Forgot Password button on the Log In pop-up and follow the instructions.

How do I change my password?
You can easily change your password in Accounts Settings 

How can I update my email address?
You can easily update your email address in Accounts Settings 

How do I change my subscription?
You can easily change your subscription in Your Account 

What details can I access online? 
You can view your name, email address, username and password in the Account Settings section of ClassicCarPrice.com. You will need to be logged in to access this.

What details can I change online? 
You can amend your username and password via the Account Settings section of ClassicCarPrice.com.

How do I change my password?
Go to the Account Settings section and type in your current password in the relevant box, then type in your new password in both the New Password and Repeat New Password boxes, and then click on Update to change the password.

 How do I update my email address?
Go to the Account Settings section and type in your new email address in the Email box, then click on Update to change the saved email address.

If I enter my email address when I sign up for a subscription does this sign me up to emails? 
Yes, this is to enable us to send you alerts relating to your chosen watched vehicles. We respect your personal information and will not share this with any third parties.

How do I cancel alert emails for cars or auction houses I’ve chosen to watch? 
In the Your Account section you can manage your watch list by clicking Unwatch on any items you are watching. This will update your email alerts accordingly.

How do I change my subscription to a different level?
You can easily change the subscription you are on in the Your Account section.

What is a free trial?
ClassicCarPrice.com offers a free 30-day trial on all subscription packages. This enables customers to try out a package and see the value of ClassicCarPrice.com before subscribing.

Why do you need my credit card number for a free trial?
When you sign up for your trial we ask you to provide payment details, this is to ensure your access continues without interruption, as these payment details will be used for your monthly payments. No money will be debited from your account until the free 30-day free trial has finished. In the meantime, you can cancel your free trial at any time by contacting your payment gateway provider (WorldPay or Paypal). Please see How do I cancel my subscription? (below) for more information.

What do I pay? 
After your trial month has passed, payments of £6 (Enthusiast), £25 (Collector) or POA (Trade) will be automatically collected monthly. These payments are inclusive of VAT.

When will I pay?
To ensure there is no disruption to your service, three days before the end of your monthly subscription we will attempt to take payment from the card on your file for the following month’s subscription.

How secure is the online payment facility? 
We are wholly committed to the security of your payment, therefore hold a security certificate from Paypal. The payment facility is encrypted to 128 bit security, this is an accepted standard for secure websites.

How do I change my payment method?
If you are currently paying for your subscription through Paypal and wish to change this to Worldpay, this can be easily done in Account Settings. However, if you are currently paying for your subscription through Worldpay and wish to change to Paypal, you must cancel your Worldpay subscription first, before resubmitting your payment details. An automatic message will appear on the Your Account page to prompt this.

How do I get a VAT invoice? 
If you need a VAT invoice, please contact us. We can compile an annual VAT invoice for you at the financial year end.

What if I live outside the UK / Republic of Ireland? 
At present we can only accept online registrations from residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

I signed up to receive email alerts - why haven’t I received any?
Please check that the correct email has been registered in Account Settings. If the registered email is correct, please use the Enquiry Form on the Help page to contact ClassicCarPrice.com so we can investigate further.

How do I request a refund?
Please use the Enquiry Form to contact ClassicCarPrice.com to request a refund.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription directly with your payment gateway provider (Worldpay or Paypal). You should have received an email from your provider with the login and password details when you registered. After the trial month has passed, we ask that you cancel at least seven days before your next subscription payment is due.

How do I close my account?
See above for how to cancel your subscription. At present there is no online account closure facility, so to close your account completely you will need to contact ClassicCarPrice.com and request for your account to be deleted. You can contact ClassicCarPrice.com using the Enquiry Form or email us at info@classiccarprice.com. When you get in touch please quote your name and username, and please use the subject line Cancel in the title of your email.


If you have a question about ClassicCarPrice.com, please check this section for the answer.

Can anyone access www.classiccarprice.com? 
Anyone can browse the free areas of the site, which include certain pieces of content on: ClassicCarPrice.com Home (Latest news, Upcoming Auctions), ClassicCarPrice.com Find a Car (select particular makes and models), ClassicCarPrice.com Find an Auction (previews of forthcoming auctions), ClassicCarPrice.com Insider's Guides (helpful guides for anyone buying and selling at auction). 
Information available to subscribers only is clearly displayed as greyed out. To access this content, click on the Log In button in the top right-hand corner of the page and enter your username and password. The content you have access to will be displayed automatically. If you are not a subscriber, you can sign up to ClassicCarPrice.com for immediate access to all online content. 

What subscriber content can I access? 
ClassicCarPrice.com subscribers - all online content. See Pricing Options for more information. Content on ClassicCarPrice.com is regularly reviewed and updated. If a review or auction is deemed to be incorrect or no longer available it will be removed from ClassicCarPrice.com.

The text on ClassicCarPrice.com is too small, how do I make it larger?
We have developed the ClassicCarPrice.com website to meet the "AA" conformance level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is to ensure that it can be viewed in all modern browsers and other devices such as screen readers, to make it as accessible as possible. If you need to change the size of the text, you can change this in your browser by clicking view>text size in the toolbar menu.

Which browsers do you support? 
Our site has been developed using the WAI guidelines on accessibility. We support standards-compliant browsers across the major platforms. On Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) this includes: Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox 3.0, Google Chrome 2.0. On Microsoft Vista, this includes: Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox 3.0, Google Chrome 2.0. On the Macintosh, this includes: Safari 3.2.1, Safari 4.0, Firefox 3.0. With older browsers, content should be readable, but some formatting may not display properly.


If you have a question about the data on ClassicCarPrice.com, please check the information below.

Where does the car sale price information on ClassicCarPrice.com come from?
It has been gathered over more than 20 years by classic car experts attending auctions in the UK and Europe.
Our historical data encompasses all major sales in the UK and Europe and some American sales. From 2014-on it also includes all international sales held by Bonhams, Gooding & Company and RM Auctions.

Where is information in the Trends section taken from and how often is it updated? 
Information within the Trends section is very up-to-date and comes from two different sources. Historical data is fed in from our comprehensive and unique database of classic car auction results dating back to 1995. We also add in the latest results from current classic car auctions in the UK, Europe and USA, whenever possible as the sales happen, providing you with the very latest prices in one simple-to-use site. We are considered as the industry standard for providing information on classic car prices, these are calculated from their performance at auction. 

How many vehicles can be compared at one time? 
You can compare as many vehicles as you like using the compare tools on the Trends page. You can also easily remove models and replace them with different ones.

How do I view auction price data for cars I’m interested in?
There are two ways to look at values on ClassicCarPrice.com:
1. Simply type the name of the car into the search field at the top right of the page, or choose the marque you want from the list of Top Marques on either the Home or Cars page.
If you just search for a marque, such as Jaguar, this will take you to the main Jaguar page where you can view the number of cars sold in the past 24 months and the average prices achieved, rated by car condition, and ranked by year.
To check prices for a specific model, such as E-type, click on the model name in the list on the right. Models are listed in alphabetical order. If the model you want is not displayed, click on either of the View All tab at the top or bottom of the list to see all the models within that marque.
To further refine the information, for example to see just the prices achieved by V12 roadster versions of the E-type, select that version from the Jaguar E-type Versions list (to view this list you need to be on the main model page, rather than on the page for a specific version.).
2. Alternatively you can click on the Trends tab and use the Comparison tool. This enables you to compare prices for different marques, models and auction houses within a set timeframe.
To compare the performance of different marques, choose Marque from the Compare box and click on the marques you want to view in the Marque box. You can also refine your search by year.

How are search results ranked? 
Results are listed in alphabetical order by default. For further information you can click on the Manufacturer name.

Why has search returned results that aren't what I expected? 
The search tool on ClassicCarPrice.com will find the most relevant results to match your entry. If there aren't any matching results for your search term, it may mean that we do not have any information on that area, and therefore the closest matches will be displayed. The filter search will allow you to search by topic area. If your search returns too many results, you can refine this by adding quotation marks, e.g. "Bugatti Type 41".

What is included in the Total Price for each auction lot sold?
The total price is the amount bid by the buyer (hammer price) plus the auction house buyer’s premium. It does not include VAT.

What conversion rate does ClassicCarPrice.com use to convert prices from sales in Europe and the USA?
ClassicCarPrice.com uses the official conversion rate of the day of each sale to convert prices to GBP.

Why do the converted foreign sale prices on ClassicCarPrice.com not always tally with those stated by auction houses?
Auction houses are free to set their own conversion rates for non-GBP sales, and do not always use the official rate for the date of the sale.

What is the Premium percentage for each auction house sale?
The Premium is the auction house’s profit – it’s the fee the buyer pays to the auction house on top of the hammer price.

How are the auction lot Condition ratings worked out?
Our condition guides are based on information provided by auction houses and by our experts viewing cars at auctions; they are intended as an approximate guide only. 

What do the ClassicCarPrice.com Condition Ratings mean?
Unknown = prior to the sale we list all cars as of unknown condition; post-sale cars will be rated as unknown if we were not at the sale and insufficient photographs and information were provided by the auction house for us to rate a car’s condition
1 = either an outstanding original car, or a top-quality, recent restoration
1-2 = in very good condition but with one or two less perfect areas; these are extremely presentable cars that have room for improvement
2 = sound cars that run, but are in need of some attention to bring them up to top condition
2-3 = cars that run, but need considerable cosmetic and/or mechanical work
3 = these range from restoration projects to complete cars that need a considerable amount of work; they’re unlikely to have an MOT


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