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If the C-type represented the initial cornerstone of Jaguar's Le Mans legend, the following initial D stood for total domination.

In 1954 the new 3.4-litre Jaguar D-type came second to a 4.9-litre Ferrari by a mere two minutes after 24 hours. In 1955, 1956 and 1957 D-types notched up a hat-trick of wins to dominate the most glamourous endurance race in the world in a way not seen until Porsche's pre-eminence in the early 1980s. In fact, in 1957 the Jaguar D-type not only won, but filled the first four and sixth places. It was a remarkable achievement, particularly as the D-type combined its advanced low-drag shape and monocoque construction with many production-based components including suspension, old-fashioned live rear axle and XK six-cylinder engined, admittedly much breathed on. One driver even reported wheel-spin at 170mph on the Mulsanne straight. But 1957 was also the D-type's Le Mans swansong as the regulations for 1958 made it ineligible. In fact the D-type's limited production run had ended in 1956 and, remarkably, Jaguar was struggling to sell the remaining customer cars; the hefty price tag of £3878 couldn't have helped. To use up the unsold monocoques Jaguar produced a small number of XKSS road-going versions, which pointed the way to the glorious E-type. If ever there was proof that racing improved the breed the D-type is it.

PRODUCTION: 87 (includes 16 XKSS models)
PRICE TODAY: £400,000+
BODY STYLE: Two-seat sports racer.
CONSTRUCTION: Steel monocoque and front subframe, alloy body panels.
ENGINE: 3442/3781cc twin overhead-cam straight six.
BRAKES: Four-wheel multi-pot disc brakes.
POWER OUTPUT: 250bhp-plus @ 6000rpm.
TRANSMISSION: four speed manual.
MAXIMUM SPEED: 170mph-plus depending on gearing.
0-60MPH: 4.7 seconds-plus depending on gearing.

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