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The Ferrari 330GT 2+2 is the car that puts the lie to the old adage ‘less is more’. For in the case of the Ferrari 330GT 2+2 more is less, in all the best possible ways.

Pound for pound, this understated two-plus-two coupe is quite possibly the most underappreciated, undervalued true Ferrari thoroughbred of all.

However, back in 1964 it was a different story as the 330GT 2+2 bowed in to replace Ferrari’s first proper production two-plus-two coupe, the best-selling 250GTE 2+2. The new coupe, which revised and updated the Pininfarina styling of the earlier car, elevated the theme on every level.

The new model offered more all-round. With a longer wheelbase, the cabin was roomier, higher and brighter, making it a near-proper four-seater rather than a two-plus-a-tiddler. The brakes were also improved, the Colombo V12 was enlarged to 4.0-litres and produced a reputed 300bhp, resulting in a top-speed of 152mph.

That made the 330GT 2+2 not only the fastest production Ferrari yet, but quicker too than any 2+2 luxury GT rival from Aston Martin, Jaguar, Jensen, Lamborghini or Maserati. It was also more expensive than any of them. More really was more.

The one thing that none of the contemporary commentators much liked was the slanted quad-headlamp arrangement (very Gordon Keeble and Jensen CV8), which was revised in the single headlamp Series 2 version. But in its first life the 330GT 2+2 was a sales winner, with 1,075 produced over four seasons; it was also a favourite of Enzo, who used one as personal transport.

Yet, in its classic afterlife this sweet-handling, understated and quite practical Ferrari has fallen out of favour, to the point where it was considered perfectly acceptable to butcher a perfectly decent 330GT 2+2 to create a 250GTO, 275GT California spider, 330LM ‘Evocazione’.

I don’t know why the 330GT 2+2 is worth so much less than its 250GTE 2+2 predecessor. Best not to ask, just appreciate that it gives you more for less, and not tell anyone. 

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