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Among 1960s Ferraris true bargains are thin on the ground, but one model that stands out as undervalued is the lovely, understated 275GTS spider.

It’s the only classic convertible Ferrari road car that’s worth less than its berlinetta stablemate, the lusty 275GTB. In my book that makes the GTS a bargain.

The price difference may make you think the 275GTS is flawed in some way. It isn’t. It’s just that these days when virtually everything’s an icon, the GTS isn’t one. The question is why? 

You could argue that for the first time with the 275, both GTB and GTS, the V12 road cars became a complete and cohesive entity, with chassis engineering and underpinning the great engines deserved. The relative sophistication of the 275 exposed the forbears, even the immortal Cal spider, as frankly, a wee bit crude. With the 275 came independent suspension, all-round disc brakes and a five-speed transaxle set-up that contributed further to balance and handling; steering was light and direct.

Car and Driver magazine enthused: ‘The instant the clutch is engaged, the chassis takes on life and begins to move as a unit with the engine, it’s an all-in-one-piece sensation.’

Before the 275, Ferraris were like automotive knuckle-dusters. The way they glinted proved how hard you were; ‘no one but a real man could tame a Ferrari’. However, the 275GTS came pre-tamed eliminating the unnecessary posturing. Obviously this reduces its appeal greatly.

The styling, penned and built by Pininfarina is different too. It’s subtle, muted and understated - probably not one of Enzo’s favourites as he liked his cars to have a touch of aggression. It’s been said before, but there’s a certainly a touch of MGB about the 275GTS. Other than that the only downside is the tacky Fablon-style wood veneer dash.

The 275GTS does not shout Ferrari, which is no good if you’re insecure. But for discerning drivers who can appreciate it for what it is, not what it says, the 275GTS is a great Ferrari that’s greatly undervalued. 

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