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It must have been an odd little boy whose bedroom wall had a poster of the Ferrari 400, probably the kind of lad who ended up as a staffer on Octane; that's very odd indeed.

You see, not only is the 400 the forgotten Ferrari and the cheapest Ferrari money can buy, it also possesses some most un-Ferrari-like characteristics. 

At its launch in 1976 purists were aghast that the 400 was offered with an automatic transmission option. Not only that, it was a passable four-seater, the size of a Jaguar XJ6, and even had a decent sized boot. The only way it could have been worse was if it had four doors - uuughhh! It was, in essence, a family supercar - double uuughhh! And it cost an absolute fortune, more even than a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow.

Yet all of the things the purists held against it now work in its favour. The fact that it's been shunned by die-hard Ferraristi, has kept it cheap. Yet, for the money, there really is no other way to combine family luxury with the unforgettable classic driving experience of a front-engined V12 Ferrari. True, 9pmg is pretty hurtful but as this Ferrari's got a boot it can be converted to LPG; that could make sense. There are signs too, that the market's waking up to these chisel-chinned dinosaurs.

* Price new in 1976 was £22,464; by 1984 a new one cost £44,800. 

* In 2001 Elton John's 1986 412 made £42,300 at auction - that was an anomaly as most 410/412s sold at auction in 2001 made £7000-10,000.

* In 2007-8 auction prices ranged from under £7000 to £22,400 for a 19,800-mile minter; in general anything above £13,000 was pretty exceptional money.

* In November 2009 a rare right-hand-drive manual with 36,500mls sold for £14,950 at auction. It was snapped up by a dealer who fancied a tidy little profit. We say buy now, buy the best, the world's waking up.

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