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For a long time the 1960s S-type has been tagged as the unsung Cinderella Jag that betters the boisterous MkII or 240 at two-thirds of the price. Yet there’s another stealth Jag that’s so far under the radar that it barely registers a blip. It’s the 420; not only is it better than both, it’s even better value.

So what is the 420? In the beginning the MkII begat the S-type with its elongated boot and the independent rear suspension that made it a must-steal get-away favourite.

Then, in 1966, the S-type sired the larger-engined 420, which featured the squared-off ‘overbite’ quad-headlight front treatment of the MkX (later renamed 420G just to confuse).

From Jaguar’s point of view the 420 was pitched as an executive express to hold market position in the run-up to the new XJ6 saloon. Superficially, the 420 seemed little more than a composite of cosmetic skin grafts, body bits and organs from other Jag donors. In reality, it was much more.

The 420 was more luxurious, comfortable and better to drive than the smaller top-spec 3.8-litre MkII, yet almost matched its pace. While the 420 was bigger and heavier, this was offset by the larger engine, a new twin-carb version of the MkX 4.2 six-cylinder XK twin-cam, which delivered 245bhp.

A manual 420 could manage 123mph (117mph for autos, which accounts for most made). What’s more, the 420 had better steering (power-assisted), better brakes, better ventilation and that superb independent rear suspension. Frankly, the suave 420 showed up the MkIIas a crude old bruiser on its last legs.

That’s the reality, but classic cars have nothing to with reality. If they did a 420 would cost at least a third more than a comparable MkII 3.8. Instead, the better Jag can be yours for half the price. 

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