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Everybody remembers the tyre-squealing Mk2 Jaguar, once beloved of tonic-suited villains and latterly finding favour on the right side of the law as the TV wheels of the opera-loving Inspector Morse.

In the late 1980s the Mk2 was virtually standard classic issue for Soho advertising executives along with red-rimmed specs and an expense account at L'Escargot, but the car that paved the way for it is nearly forgotten. In the early 1950s Jaguar was riding high, winning at Le Mans and in the home and export markets with the feline XK120 sportscar and the gargantuan MKVII saloon. In 1955 the Coventry company added its first unitary-built car, the new compact 2.4-litre saloon - known retrospecitvely as the Mk1 - to create its most complete model range ever. On first sight you'd think someone had customised a Mk2, filling in the rear wheel arches and glass area to create something that looked more menacing that its better-known successor. Even though the engine was a down-sized 2483cc version of the famed XK six-cylinder the Mk1 was still considered sporting with its 100mph performance and its keen pricing introduced a new group of motorist to Jaguar ownership. In 1957 Jaguar added a 3.4-litre version and optional disc brakes shortly after. By the end of production in 1960 the Mk1 had become the biggest selling Jaguar ever and contributed to Jaguar's decision to buy neighbouring Daimler for extra production capacity. The Mk2 was certainly a more capable car, not least because its widened rear wheel track overcame the Mk1's uncertain handling on the limit, but without the Mk1 there would have been no Mk2 and today the near forgotten Mk1 is both cheaper and more distinctive.

PRICES WHEN NEW: 2.4, £1344; 3.4, £1672.
ENGINE: Twin overhead-cam six-cylinder of 2483 or 3442cc.
POWER OUTPUT: 2.4, 112bhp @ 5750rpm; 3.4, 210bhp @ 5500rpm
TRANSMISSION: Four-speed manual, optional overdrive; automatic
MAXIMUM SPEED: 2.4, 101mph; 3.4, near 120mph
0-60MPH: 2.4, 13.4-14.5 seconds; 3.4, 9-10.7 seconds.

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