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In one respect at least 1960s cops owe a debt of gratitude to their villain counterparts. If the Krays and kindred crooks hadn't cottoned on to the Mk2's get-away capabilities the police probably wouldn't have been given Mk2s as the tool to catch them.

This Jag is a true sports saloon - especially in bigger engined forms - a rare blend of grace, pace and plenty of space in the boot for loot.

Original 1960 prices: 2.4-litre - £1534; 3.4 - £1669; 3.8 - £1779. 

Pick of the bunch: Post-1965 cars with much smoother all-synchro box. Most-prized is 3.8-litre, but the extra 400cc costs an awful lot more than the 3.4, which runs it close in performance. In a 2.4 you'll get overtaken by an athletic snail. 

For: Any Mk2 has a prowling, predatory, road presence. With a 120mph-plus top speed the 3.4s and 3.8s still stack up against modern four-door family saloons.

Against: They have an unfortunate appeal to advertising exectuives and other creative types who can't seem to think of anything more creative. Also appeal to those who think sawn-off shooters and tonic suits are a glamorous style statement. 

What to watch: Beware "yuppie blow-overs." Late-eighties price-hikes encouraged pretty cosmetic bodges that are now losing their sheen. Any Mk2 is a potential wallet-wilting welder's wonderland. 

Marque fact: Guildford dealer and saloon car racer John Coombs created his own highly tuned Coombs Mk2 that could match an E-type on the 0-60mph sprint. Coombs Jags are identifiable by louvred vents on the bonnets, which were created from changing-room locker doors. Cynics say that of the 28 or so Coombs Mk2s built, there are only 40 or 50 survivors. 

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