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The MkX, later to become the 420G, was launched the same year as the sensational E-type. The contrast couldn't have been greater, for the gargantuan MkX was the fattest Cat of them all.

The main target for this super-barge measuring over 17-foot long and a bollard-scraping 6ft 4in wide was the US market where the upright MkIX had proved something of an anachronism. Underneath the bonnet of this 4200lb tubby tabby was the famed XK engine, first in triple carb 265bhp 3.8-litre form and then 4.2 litres. Jaguar reckoned the MkX represented "new grace," but in reality the X really stood for excess. With fuel consumption of 13-15mpg it's as anti-social as a feral stray on heat. And that's one of the reasons they're one of the cheapest classic Jaguar saloons around. 

Price when new: £2325

Pick of the bunch: The last of the line 420G from 1966 on, because by then MkX owners had finished doing Jaguar's research and development. For no good reason they're also slightly cheaper.

For: This beefy bruiser's a fair old flyer, with 0-60mph in under 10 seconds and a top speed of just over 120mph. It handles surprisingly well too, but while the driver enjoys hustling it through bends, rear passengers will be slithering across acres of smooth shiny leather towards head-denting walnut door cappings. They're anti-social true, but you get much more car than a Mk2 Jag for much less money. 

Against: Environmentalists won't be quite so impressed by its plump extravagance, your pockets will have to be deep to swallow the fuel bills and your garage gargantuan. Sheer size makes narrower country lanes as much fun as manoeuvring a combine harvester in a supermarket carpark. 

Jaguar MkX fact: Although the MkX/420G faded away in 1970 its floorpan and running gear remained in production as the basis of the Daimler DS420 limousine.

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