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Take the lithe athleticism and sensational performance of the 1948 Jaguar XK120, add nine years of road car evolution, a beefier body, technological spin-offs from five Le Mans victories and you end up with the Jaguar XK150. Yet the XK150 remains a slightly overlooked in-betweeny in the Jaguar canon: to some eyes it looks a little bloated and lacks the primal, pure, raw magnetism of the leaner XK120 and XK140; others prefer the few more mph and the instant and obvious statement of the later E-type. Yet the XK150 is a consummate cat. At its heart is that fabulous twin-overhead cam six-cylinder engine that first appeared in the XK120, powered the fifties Le Mans winners and endured until 1986; it will outrun XK120s and XK140s and in top XK150S spec won't trail too far behind an E-type. It's also more civilised and luxurious than its XK forbears and technically superior too, with better steering and all-round disc brakes that were more than man enough to match the sizzling super-car performance. 

Engine: Twin-overhead-cam six-cylinder of 3442 or 3781cc
Power: 190-265bhp (XK150S 3.8-litre)
Top speed: 136mph (XK150S 3.8-litre)
0-60mph: 7.2 seconds (XK150S 3.8-litre)

Pick of the bunch: The XK150S 265bhp triple-carb 3.8S specification is the most potent and most pricey model in both fixed-head and open versions; best all-round value are the 3.4 and 3.8 drophead coupes, which are slightly cheaper than roadsters yet have more luxurious furnishings, better weather equipment and the addition of rear seats - albeit small ones. One reason they're cheaper is that although the retracting hood gives better weather protection it makes a considerable bustle when folded; some consider the overall effect slightly inelegant and of course there's the perverse classic-car mind-set which decrees that anything that adds luxury, comfort and practicality is less sporting and strictly for ninnies and namby-pamby types - you know, those dubious types who actually had hot showers after games lessons. 

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